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    Brother hasib, the writer is a sister. She isn’t talking about her office, rather departmental type shop where u can print/photocopy ur documents. But in malaysia, where she is, in most cases if not all, u have to do it by urself.

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    Is the writer is a girl or a boy? If it is writing from a female writer than please don’t brainwash Muslims girls to work with man in the same place in a non-Muslim country with non-muslims men by provoking Islam. Boys and girls cant work together according to the sunnah. If the writer is a boy than would like to request him to find a Halal place for him to work where boys and girls don’t work togather. This site should stop publish his all absurd stories. Sorry can’t accept this site publish this type of stories that can misguide thousands of innocent Islamic minded boys and girls.


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