Bangla Font Setup Help


Computer Configuration:

If you cant see bangla in your internet browser, you have to install a Unicode font which supports Bengali. Please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for internet browsing. Click here to download Mozilla Firefox.

1. Download and install following Bangla Unicode fonts:

(Right-click on downloaded ttf file and click Install OR, paste them in C:\Windows\Fonts directory.)

2. Open Firefox then go to “Tools” → “Options” from menu. Click on “Advanced” from “Content” tab.


3. Choose Fonts for: Bengali, Serif: SolaimanLipi, Sans-serif: SolaimanLipi, Monospace: SolaimanLipi as shown below:


4. Al last, click on OK to save changes.

5. Done! Now your browser is ready to display clear Bangla text!

Mobile Phone Configuration:

If your phone dosen’t support Bangla, use Opera Mini internet browser.

1. Download Opera Mini from and install it.
2. Then open Opera Mini.
3. Type “config:” in Opera Mini addressbar and press OK/GO


4. You will see “Power-User Settings” page. Change the setting “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” to “Yes“. And click on “Save” button.


5. Done! Now you will be able to see Bangla websites through your Opera Mini….!

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